Berlin-based duo Nik Kosmas and Daniel Keller (AIDS 3D) unveil Forever (2009), a new installation alluding to a postapocalyptic future where our machines remain as beautiful relics of our former glory. While the work is dystopian - set in an empty future where all that remains is a burned-out computer terminal running a loop of the classic Windows 98 stars screensaver - its underlying messages are ones of techno-utopianism.

The work is fed on the optimistic concepts of science fiction diehards but articulates the point at which these hopeful concepts are abandoned in environmental crisis, war and the breakdown of global economies. At its centrepiece it uses outdated technology: a retro screensaver burned into popular consciousness. In this way the work draws the point of failure in our past, giving us the subtle hope these sci-fi aspirations may be realised after all.

Together, these three works offer visions of the future, their multiplicity of views conveying a subtle sense of urgency that underlines the main exhibition, prompting radical action now towards defining the correct paths.