This I Played Tomorrow

This video installation, consisting of a casting video and 35mmfilm, is inspired by Cinecittà, Italy's equivalent to Hollywood, and the people who waited outside these famous film studios hoping to be 'discovered'.

Jankowski interviews cineastes and aspiring actors, enquiring about their dreams and ambitions. He then transforms the essence of their answers into a script, inviting those participants into their envisioned roles as actors.

The script comprises their direct quotes as well as their ideas concerning performance, costume and set. The movie is shot on the set of the 1966 film, Francesco d'Assisi inside Cinecittà and the result is a hybrid of these actual responses, conjured scenes and characters.


Image credits:

Christian Jankowski,  This I played tomorrow,  2003, MACRO Rome.  2 x Digital Betacam with 2 x DVD and certificate.  Film-Video: 12:45 min; Casting-Video: 68:06 min,  Ed.: 5,II

courtesy: Klosterfelde, Berlin; Maccarone Inc., N.Y.