The Matrix Effect

When the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, Connecticut, commissioned Jankowski to make a new work, he became particularly engaged with the institution's Matrix programme and the 141 contributing artists who exhibited during the curatorial reign of Andrea Miller-Keller. Paying homage to his predecessors, Jankowski contacted the artists, Miller-Keller, and the former director, JimElliot, with a list of questions regarding the past Matrix exhibitions. Jankowski transcribed and edited the interviews for his original script and rather than casting the artists as themselves, enlisted children for the roles.

In culture documentary style, Miller-Keller, now an eight year old, guides the audience through encounters with the former museum director and converses with the artists, whilst also explaining their work in relation to art history. Afterwards, the artists appear for a celebration and viewers witness euphoric reunions, one on one dialogues, champagne toasts, and the cast dancing the conga.

The script is charmingly transformed, as the children attempt the complicated 'artspeak' and refer to "historical" artworks as "hysterical" and art "critics" as "critters."