Holy Artwork

After the artist studies and absorbs the language of televangelism, he asks Pastor Peter Spencer, a one time art student, to sermonise as a form of contemporary art, addressing three separate audiences simultaneously: his congregation, television viewers, and the art community. Shot at the Harvest Fellowship Church, Pastor Spencer's own crew directs the primary images. The video opens midway through the sermon and retains outbursts of music, audience reactions, and screen subtitles that list song lyrics and announce Spencer's church telephone number, encouraging full participation fromhome viewers.

The Pastor, upon reading through the congregation's prayer slips, comes across Jankowski's request. Their unscripted encounter is left entirely to chance. Juxtaposing a work of art with the televangelist's actions, the artist falls down as though his soul is possessed, giving himself up to the power of the Pastor's words.

The church's television camera system takes over fromthe artist's equipment and a clear and professional image replaces the shaky amateur quality of the previous frames.