16mm Mystery

Jankowski collaborates with The Brothers Strause, two digital special effect experts whose credits include Titanic and The Day After Tomorrow. Jankowski gave some parameters for the 35mm film project, but allowed them to decide its ultimate location and the special effect utilised; the fate of Jankowski's art was left in their hands.

Set on top of a parking deck overlooking downtown Los Angeles, Jankowski installs a 16mm projector and starts the screening of his film. He then walks out of the picture as the projector continues to run. Ten seconds later, there is a deep rumbling as a skyscraper dramatically crashes in the background. Jankowski returns, to remove the equipment, and leaves the scene, never revealing the secret of the projected image.



Image credits:

Christian Jankowski,  16mm Mystery,  2004, Los Angeles.  35mm film and DVD with certificate,  5 min.,  Ed.: 5,II

courtesy: Klosterfelde, Berlin; Maccarone Inc., N.Y.