DoESLiverpool: Ross Dalziel, Patrick Fenner and Adrian McEwen, (UK) Desktop Prosthetics, 2015


Hacker and entrepreneur collective DoESLiverpool will set up a production line of 3D printers at FACT. These machines will supply the components for building prosthetic hands for local people with real needs, accompanied by a series of free workshops offering visitors the chance to get involved and  "Build Their Own" Raptor Hands.


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Maker collective

Inspired by a local family who used DoESLiverpool's workshop to print hand parts, DoES has installed a ‘production line’ for prosthetic hands. They will be 3D printing the open-source Raptor Hand design, developed to make printing and assembly of the hand’s components as simple as possible.


Desktop Prosthetics aims to raise awareness of some of the practical uses of 3D printing and to demonstrate how collaborative communities like DoES and e-NABLE work, sharing skills and specialised knowledge to solve problems.


Over the course of the exhibition, DoESLiverpool will be working with Reach, the association for children with upper limb deficiency, to help a number of local children build and assemble a prosthetic device. DoES invites you to get involved with testing and building prosthetics, to better understand what prosthetics are, and to see how access to rapid prototyping and open-source digital-making tools can help people make the world the way they want it. Check the events panel for more details on how to take part.


Developed with the support of Reach and e-NABLE.