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Roberts Narkus - Prospect Revenge at Bluecoat

Robertas Narkus - Prospect Revenge


The Future World of Work, Artist Residency

Part of the Autumn 2018 season

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Exploring cryptocurrency speculation and attention economies, 'Prospect Revenge' serves as a satirical take on our investment obsessed culture. Having previously established a restaurant, an artist daycare centre called Autarkia and the shoe store Chance Nr. 5 as fully sustainable businesses, in his FACT residency Robertas Narkus has turned his gaze to cryptocurrencies. Through a series of images, performances, videos shared on social media and promotional website, the artist exposes how entrepreneurs attempt to sell new and often unnecessary business ideas - or, in some cases, how they are able to sell nothing at all.

Using familiar, often aggressive corporate behaviours, language and physical stances to create anticipation of a product, Prospect Revenge documents the launch of an absurd investment scheme, enabling you to make money out of negative emotions. Narkus takes the darker side of corporate exchanges, which fuel consumerism, and uses the meaningless jargon of business to highlight the surreal nature of these ‘pitches’. In keeping with his ironic, conceptual approach, Robertas Narkus has developed a Revenge Coin. This speculative currency available in a number of limited edition coins allows you to convert rage, disappointment and stress into assets for €99.99.

Work developed in residency for 'Prospect Revenge' will be on preview at FACT from 19 October to 5 November 2018.

'Prospect Revenge' has been realised within the framework of the European Media Artists in Residency Exchange programme (EMARE), and has also been commissioned by FACT and Culture Liverpool as part of Future World Of Work, an 18 month cultural programme where artists in residency investigate the impact of technology and rapidly changing working practices on society, culture and wellbeing. Artists involved in Future World of Work, including Robertas Narkus, focus on issues such as the gig economy, immaterial labour, gender representation and automation. EMARE enables European artists to collaborate on projects and create closer bonds between European media art organisations.