There are many similarities, but why is one loved by critics and audiences alike, whereas Justice League has yet to receive the same reception?

The thing that people remember most about The Avengers was the jokes and quips that caused the characters to jump off the screen. In Justice League the jokes are there, only most of them are in the trailer.

In Justice League the villain Steppenwolfe is a purely CGI character whereas in The Avengers Loki was brought to life by the amazing Tom Hiddleston. Hiddleston could be menacing or funny, but was always entertaining. Steppenwolfe is the opposite of that.

A major selling point for both films is that they have characters that we know and enjoy watching on screen. With films like these we get to see them all interact with each other in their shared universes. Unlike The Avengers though, when you go to see the DC’s latest you’ve only met three out of the six Justice League Members. The members of The Avengers on the other hand we’ve met in previous instalments and many of them have had their own film. People knew them when walking into the cinema, which helped make their interactions more familiar and fun. In Justice League however, the filmmakers have to introduce us to three completely new characters who we have never met onscreen before.

One thing that Justice League did better than The Avengers was in covering the tougher issues. For example, Batman does get hurt during the film and that leads to one conversation with Wonder Woman where he states how he is getting too old.

The biggest issue with most of the DC films is that they, unlike Marvel, have yet to pick a specific audience.  

Justice League is currently showing and you can book 2D tickets here.