by Callan Waldron Hall

isn’t losing your name
what you have always wanted

outside the library you are made into art

perhaps you become a flag   raise yourself
to full height and catch the wind in your ribcage

when you begin to sail   you tell your story

story of want   story of losing self
story of wishing   story without self

is a story without your name still your story

or perhaps you fold into yourself
a thousand ways   hide between

the written-on-often-turned pages

as if holding back   you share yourself
in repeated whispers   to those who find

pieces of you   maybe tomorrow   maybe

months from now   tell them yes this is
your story   tell them this is what you want

this is how you say it   this is without you 


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Callan Waldron-Hall is a writer and poet based in Liverpool. He's also editor of the Independent Variable Anthology, a science-themed collaborative project raising money for the Iodine Global Network.