Bill Skarsgård portrays a terrifying clown who comes back to the town of Derry to terrorise the ‘Losers Club'. Skarsgård is weirdly mesmerising as he portrays this frightening yet powerful entity. His mannerisms are truly terrifying and his peculiar height also adds to his nerve raking physique and monster makeup. Alongside pennywise are the 7 kids who fend off the dark being, an entity who shifts into the persona of their worst fears: a diseased ridden Leper or a disturbing father. Each one brings something to the film and all work really well behind the backdrop of an 80's era America. To top of this brilliant remake, the music adds a chilling atmosphere and the childlike noises will freak you out. 

IT is a must see for any horror fan; it has everything you want to see in a horror film, kids in the 80's, a great soundtrack and a creepy looking clown.

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