Together, we will map the current state of the field and explore future opportunities for innovative, cross-sector R&D. A competitive Creative Vouchers scheme – totaling £5000, and including creative producer support – will be available to support project development and prototyping. If accepted into the lab, reasonable travel and accommodation costs will be reimbursed. 

Why are we running this Development Lab?

This lab is part of a larger project to co-design a Creative Economy Health and Wellbeing Hub, one that will support cross-sector collaboration in the area of Arts, Culture, and Health. The Lab is an opportunity for participants to meet other experts in the field, secure funding for project development, influence the process of Hub design, and lay the foundation for future funding bids in this area.

What will we do in the Lab? 

In this Lab we will map the current state of the ’arts and culture interventions in dementia care’ field. By bringing intervention experts together with critical insight from across the arts, humanities, sciences, and creative industries, we will push to identify where new forms of innovative cross-sector R&D might be possible.

Who are we looking for? 

We are looking to capture a wide variety of perspectives in this field. Perhaps you identify as having deep subject knowledge in a core area of arts and cultural work related to dementia care (for example with a focus on music, visual arts, memory work, theatre, sport, or diet). You may be approaching the dementia field from the perspective of psychology or neuroscience, and are keen to explore how this expertise could impact the future of the arts and cultural interventions field. Perhaps, your expertise lies in new digital cultures and practices, emerging creative technologies (VR / AR / wearables), or interactive documentary making, and you seen an opportunity to bring this work into closer contact with emerging arts and health practices. 

Whether you are an academic, a practitioner, or a micro-business, if you’re interest lies in arts and cultural interventions in dementia care, we’d like to hear from you.

I’m in: what do I do next?

If you’re interested in participating, please complete the online application form found here

Deadline for submissions 15 September.

We’ll be in touch by the 18 September if you have been successful. If you have any questions about the lab, please contact [email protected].