Spider-Man: Homecoming shows a totally new aspect of the Spider-Man we all know and love. He’s much younger, and the story bypasses him getting his powers and lets us join him when he’s already swinging through the concrete jungle of New York, having fun and messing up hilariously. This is the continued story of Spider-Man from Captain America: Civil War, where he's been taken into the “Stark Internship” to develop his skills and eventually become part of the Avengers, if he’s successful in the training.

This new version of Spider-Man is very young and undeveloped as a superhero, and the villain is just as 'small', especially in comparison to previous Spider-Man and Marvel movie villains. Michael Keaton does a great job as the Vulture, a new addition to the Marvel villains. The Vulture's reason for being evil isn’t as bad as other villains’ - he simply wants to provide for his family. Keaton brings depth and drama to this new character, which isn’t bent on conquering the world. Keaton as the Vulture brought an ‘edge of the seat’ dramatic twist to the movie. You should be excited to see what he can do and how far he’ll go to get what he wants...

Tom Holland as the new Spider-Man is perfect, and fits into Marvel’s comedic approach to superhero movies by bringing comedy to Spider-Man like none of the previous have before him. All the previous Spider-Men were quick witted when dealing with villains but serious outside of their suit. Spider-Man: Homecoming is funny throughout, from awkward teenage moments that have you laughing out loud, to seeing Spider-man conquer the suburbs outside New York. I can’t wait to see more of this younger and funnier side of Spider-man.

The outstanding A-list cast appearance from Chris Evans as Captain America is hilarious, as is Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, who togerther bring the Marvel Universe together. Throughout, I wanted more from Iron Man and the Avengers, but Peter Parker and Spider-Man need to develop and grow as a hero on their own first, as all the other superheroes have before him, before incorporating more of the Avengers.

Another great cast appearance is Marisa Tomei as a young Aunt May. She is funny to watch and brings a whole new dynamic to the Peter Parker and Aunt May relationship, that has never been seen before. As Aunt May is younger, she is much more relatable for the young teenage Peter Parker, and the young audience. Finally, the newest addition to the cast is Zendaya as Michelle. At first you wonder why such a great actor is wasted on a small part, whose funny and witty characteristics anyone would want to see more of. Maybe we will see more of Michelle in the next Spider-Man?

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