In films and television programs, there’s one key component that can be used to give audiences another level of emotional response to the action and drama unfolding before their very eyes and ears - music. Music is always important in storytelling as it sets the mood and atmosphere of any scene, but when used in the proper manner, it can truly bring out a perfect experience.

Baby Driver is about a young man who goes by the name of ‘Baby’, who for the last 10 years has been hired as a getaway driver for bank heists in his hometown, to take care of himself and his grandfather. Despite this, he is seen as a good kid, continuously doing good deeds alongside his job in the dark world of crime.

Baby’s parents passed away in a car crash during his childhood, and because of this, he never stops playing music on his Ipod as it helps to drown out a faint ringing in his ears that he sadly got in the accident. This is where the use of the music is put into play; during each heist he plays a few upbeat songs that he syncs up with the action of the heist, and his escape from the pursuing police officers behind them, which give the action sequences a more fluid and quite interesting twist.

It isn't until after a few scenes that we are introduced to the love component of the story. A diner waitress named Deborah soon crosses paths with Baby for the first time, which seems to be the only happy thing that has happened in Baby's life since the crash.  

Baby and Deborah’s relationship begins to get in the way of Baby’s job in a way that nearly costs him his own life, and the safety of people he loves and cares about. With his mute grandfather and his new love interest in danger, he must sacrifice everything to protect them from the gang of criminals he is working with, and from his own boss.

Baby Driver as a whole is quite an original experience - it feels really different, as a breath of fresh air.

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