Liverpool Film Night is Merseyside’s longest standing film event dedicated to supporting and showcasing local film talent. This year’s selection of films will be curated by filmmaker, artist, and senior lecturer in filmmaking at Liverpool John Moores University Demelza Kooij, who will also act as the evening’s host. Other panel members are David A Hughes, award-winning composer and producer; Carl Loughlin, actor and filmmaker specialising in LGBT films; and Helen Walsh, author and director. Together they will take to the stage for a Q&A session following the screening of the selected short films.

Carl Loughlin, whose new short film Tellin’ Dad (2017), starring Ricky Tomlinson, was screened at FACT earlier this week ahead of Liverpool Pride, says: "I’m thrilled to be on the panel for Liverpool Film Night as I think it’s important to highlight and celebrate local talent on and off the screen. I encourage everyone to get out there, get filming, get collaborating and get entering!”

Tellin' Dad will also be screened at Manchester and Bolton Pride. A DVD release is planned for November.

Filmmakers working in any medium are invited to submit their films for consideration for this year’s event. All genres are welcome - with the only restrictions being that the film must have been made within the last 18 months, be no more than 15 minutes in length, and be made in Liverpool or have cast or crew from the city region. The deadline for submissions is on 29 September.

Offering local filmmakers the chance to see their short films on the big screen in front of a live audience, more than a decade of Liverpool Film Night has seen hundreds of submissions, with on-screen talent including Jarvis Cocker and the late Pete Postlethwaite.

Previous participants have gone on to become full time filmmakers, and had their films reach even bigger audiences. For example, Andy Smith’s film Holes in their Souls, which was showcased at Liverpool Film Night 2016, is currently screening both nationally and internationally in selected festivals. Harry Sherriff, the creator of Jack Peace, which was also showcased at last year’s event, was recently awarded £1,500 for development of his web series EARLY DAYS.

Sheriff says: "Liverpool Film Night is the best short film event in the region. In the North of England, its prestige is unparalleled and long may it continue. I've been fortunate enough to have my work screened at Liverpool Film Night the last two years consecutively and to have that recognition as well as support from FACT has definitely furthered my career. Also, if you're yet to make a film you can meet some great collaborators on the night!”

Liverpool Film Night is just one of FACT’s continuous efforts to support the filmmaking community in the region, with previous projects including 2016’s much-praised workshop series Film Talent Development Programme, funded by Creative England. Since June, FACT has also hosted a new meetup series for North West Filmmakers, organised by Ryan Garry, which resulted from discussions at previous networking events. You can find more information here about the next North West Filmmakers at FACT, taking place n The Box in 18 September.

About the panelists

David A Hughes

David is the award-winning composer of over 30 movies and many more TV soundtracks including, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, US hit The Bachelor and Sky Television’s hugely successful adaptations of Terry Pratchett’s The Hogfather and The Colour of Magic. In 2007, David, together with author Kevin Sampson, founded Merseyside based Red Union Films. To date, David has been main producer on Awaydays, Powder, Helter Skelter and The Violators, for which he received a BIFA ‘Best Producer’ nomination. Hughes’ current film project, The Lemon Grove, based on the best-selling novel is due to start shooting in Spring 2018.

Demelza Kooij
Demelza Kooij is a filmmaker, artist, and senior lecturer in filmmaking at Liverpool John Moores University. She presents her work at art galleries, conferences, and film festivals internationally. Demelza is currently developing her feature directing debut Tumbling Wolfskin and contributing to the feature anthology film Chimera Experiments (Imagine Science Films, USA) with a short hybrid film called The Breeder. Flora and fauna form an integral part of the visual narratives in her films, acting as a starting point for philosophical considerations whilst maintaining an emphasis on aesthetics and sensory experience.

Carl Loughlin
After gaining a degree in TV and Film at Aberystwyth University in 2003, Carl went on to work on the production team of Eastenders, following which he returned to Wirral, and started taking acting lessons at Manchester School of Acting, and Act Up North in Liverpool. Single and looking for love, he decided in 2015 to write, produce and star in a film about the world of dating apps called Loveswiped (, which has had over 40,000 views online. Carl  worked with the LGBT Foundation in 2016 to produce a short film called The G Word, which was released on National Coming Out Day. His latest short film Tellin' Dad (2017) is set in Liverpool, using Liverpudlian talent both behind and in front of the lens. Tellin 'Dad follows the story of Dan (played by Carl) coming out to his family, who are worried about how his father (played by Ricky Tomlinson) is going to react. The film has been entered into the IRIS Prize 2017, and is set for DVD Release with Peccadillo Pictures in November 2017.

Helen Walsh
Helen Walsh’s first novel Brass, which she describes as ‘..a full frontal attack on the radical and deeply transphobic feminism of Andrea Dworkin…’, won a Betty Trask Award and was published to great acclaim around the world. Her second novel Once Upon A Time In England won the Somerset Maugham Prize, and The Lemon Grove, her most recent, was a critically acclaimed best-seller. She has written four novels, all of which have been published internationally, and her work touches upon the complexities and ambiguities of female sexuality. In 2014 Helen wrote and directed her first feature film, The Violators, produced by Red Union Films which was long-listed for a BIFA, nominated for the Michael Powell Award at EIFF, the Golden Hitchcock Award at Dinard and won best performances in the New Director’s category at Nashville Film Festival. In 2016 she was named as a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit.

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