Bido Lito! is known primarily as a music magazine and music has always been at the heart of what we do. But like all music fans our interests - and those of our readers - do not stop at vinyl, gigs and festivals. Through working with organisations like FACT and tuning into the myriad pursuits of Merseyside’s buoyant creative scene we have covered a wide variety of artistic endeavours over the last seven and a half years from theatre to visual arts, comedy to poetry, dance to film.

As with music, film is a key cornerstone of Liverpool’s creative output. We are constantly reminded the city is the second most filmed location outside of London in the UK; the Liverpool Film Office does a fantastic job of ensuring the big productions keep making use of Merseyside’s diverse backdrops and all the while a grassroots community is busy creating their own celluloid masterpieces.

Also like music, film is a great bonding agent when it comes to friendships, communities and scenes. Whether you are a viewer, a film buff, a filmmaker or want to showcase movies deserving a bigger audience, there are more and more opportunities opening up across Merseyside. Picturehouse and FACT have long established their place as a hub for film fans, showing Hollywood blockbusters as well as less mainstream fare, but it is also becoming the place for like-minded creatives to hang out.

I recently met Ryan Garry, a keen cinephile who organises the meet-up North West Filmmakers at FACT, a well-received event which brings together speakers who talk passionately about different aspects of film making from festival selections to project funding (next event on 18 September - make sure to book on!). A film maker himself, Ryan previously hosted IndieFlicks, a regular festival which showcased independent short films at the much-missed Small Cinema on Victoria Street.

Christopher and Laura Brown’s Empty Spaces Cinema is also part of the diaspora borne out of the Small Cinema closure. We are very excited to be working with Chris and Laura, as well as Ryan, on the first Bido Lito! Empty Spaces Cinema Night this August. The evening, part of the programme of Bido Lito! members events, will celebrate this filmmaking community by showing some locally made short films followed by Michel Gondry’s cult classic Be Kind Rewind at the Handyman Brewery on Smithdown Road.

Be Kind Rewind follows the exploits of Mos Def and Jack Black’s hapless video store clerks as they set about ‘sweding’ their own versions of Hollywood classics. It’s a joyous tale which illustrates the creativity movie making can unleash and the love of film which such activity generates.

Each month Bido Lito! members are able to explore the different facets of Liverpool’s vibrant creative scene by getting free access to two events and reading about the projects, characters and outcomes of that community in a magazine specially delivered to their door. There are also regular treats in the form of postcard prints and a downloadable bundle of tracks from Merseyside’s best artists. For more information go to and join our creative cohort!

Bido Lito! #80 is out 20th July. The Bido Lito! Empty Spaces Cinema Night takes place at Handyman Brewery on 2 August. Tickets and information here.