EMAN (European Media Art Network) are looking for artists in the fields of digital media including Internet and computer-based artists, filmmakers, and those working in media based performance, sound or video.

The EMARE placement includes a grant (incl. fee and production) of 2500 Euros, free accommodation, travel expenses up to 250 Euros, as well as free access to the technical facilities and media labs within or associated with the host institution, professional guidance, and project presentation.

Hosting institutions are FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), Liverpool, UK; IMPAKT, Utrecht, Netherlands; Bandits Mages, Bourges, France, and Werkleitz Centre for Media Arts, Halle, Germany. Most of which are asking applicants to consider specific themes relevant to their respective artistic programmes.

In 2018, FACT will interrogate the ambiguous notion of PLAY within our increasingly ‘gamified’ world. FACT will provide a forum for ethical, philosophical and critical enquiry on a range of topics within this theme, through artist practice and research, as well as an experimental approach to programming.

The first show of 2018, opening in March, will deal with the radical and social potential of gaming, investigating how video games are fast becoming experimental environments where we are able to explore less mainstream narratives. The exhibition will create a play-space, as well as feature artists who utilise games or gaming in their practice. The final work produced through the EMARE residency, should be completed to coincide with the opening of this major exhibition, which applicants are asked to take into consideration in their submissions.

Applicants for the two-month EMARE residencies taking place across Europe are required to have European residence, or a European passport, and artists of all ages are encouraged to apply (however students are not permitted). Applications will be accepted until Thursday 20 July 2017, 12.00 Central European Time.

Applications should be submitted online and must include a CV, (audio)-visual documentation, and a preliminary plan or sketch of the proposed project to be developed within the EMARE programme.

Artists with residence in, or an identity card/passport originating within, Europe can submit their proposals here: www.emare.eu / call.emare.eu

For more details about the process or residency information please contact: emare@werkleitz.de

General residency information:

The residencies will take place at the institutions below, of which some have suggested a theme which applications should relate to. Applicants should indicate their preferred institution (if any) within your application:

· FACT, Liverpool, United Kingdom ()

Residency Period / Themes:

2 months within Autumn 2017 or Spring 2018, project-dependent / Applications should respond to the wider theme of ‘Play’. FACT are particularly interested in exploring the radical, critical and political potential of video games, artist as games-maker, or projects around play and experimentation within the Young People and Learning strands. Please see the pdf at the bottom of this page for more detail.

· IMPAKT, Utrecht, Netherlands (http://www.impakt.nl)

Residency Period / Themes:

For a residency at IMPAKT, Utrecht, applicants have two options:

a) a residency project that connects to the theme of the Impakt Festival 2017: Haunted Machines and Wicked Problems. In this case the residency will be 2 months within the period August, September and October 2017.

b) a residency that fits with the general focus of Impakt: a critical view on the role of media and technology in our society. In this case the residency will be 2 months within the period November 2017- June 2018.

· Bandits Mages, Bourges, France (http://www.bandits-mages.com)

Residency Period / Themes:

2 months within January and April 2018 / Queer culture, race, post-colonialism.

· Werkleitz Centre for Media Arts, Halle, Germany (http://werkleitz.de)

Residency Period / Themes: 

Mid October to Mid December / No theme outlined.

Download the EMARE x FACT Open Call details here