I can never hear a mass choir without becoming emotional - there is something so powerful and uplifting about the communal effort needed to make a choir work that is universal and more urgently essential than ever in these times of political division and uncertainty. There’s such exhilaration in listening to a sound that is far more than the sum of its parts.

Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? has that same sense of community and is sure to be an intense emotional experience. The film is the story of Saar Maoz, an Israeli gay man who felt compelled to leave his homeland due to attitudes towards his sexuality and make his home in London. In an experience that will be recognisable to many LGBT people, moving to the metropolis gave him a sense of freedom he hadn’t experienced before, but also brought it’s own problems.

The film examines his life as a gay man; attitudes to relationships, his coping mechanisms for dealing with everything life has to throw at him and his involvement with the London Gay Men’s Chorus, whose music enlivens and underscores Saar’s tale. This is definitely one occasion when the cinema becomes a similar joint experience, with the ability to move and engage at every level.

Liverpool Pride strives to create a sense of a shared occasion with every screening we support, and for the Monday evening screening of Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? we’ll be joined by Jennifer John (of Liverpool’s Sense of Sound and vocal coach on The Voice), who will be talking about her experience of choral work and introduce our extra short film.

We’ll be screening Jazamin Sinclair’s short film WE ARE FAMILY that documents the project Jennifer directed in 2016 for Liverpool Pride that brought together six Merseyside choirs to sing iconic Liverpool music. It culminated in an unforgettable mass performance on the steps of St Georges Hall that had people in tears with the sheer emotional power of seeing people from all walks of life come together to celebrate human rights in such a positive way - and I'm sure the film will bring some of that positive energy to our screening too! 

Who's Gonna Love Me Now? is showing at FACT at 6.30pm, 3 April, 2017. Tickets available here.