The Love Witch is the story of a beautiful young sorceress, determined to find a man to love her. In her gothic Victorian apartment she makes spells and potions, then picks up men and seduces them. However, her spells work too well, and she ends up with a string of hapless victims. When she at last meets the man of her dreams, her desperation to be loved drives her to the brink of insanity and murder. 

Famously Anna is a DIAY filmmaker (Do it all yourself) she directs, writes, scores, designs and creates the sets, props and costumes)) so they discuss the mammoth task of making her film, women's portayal in film, as well as the influence of playboy magazine on her last film Viva and how long it takes to hook a rug.  

There's also a review of the remarkable new Wolverine film, Logan, which completely took our critics by surprise, and there's a preview of Elle starring the oscar nominated Isabelle Huppert.

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