The movie will take the form of a discourse between two entities (co-existing in a unique body), the angelic and the possessed, set in a sci-fiction-alised present. It will deal with themes of hacking, post-humanism, and blockchain theory.

The first step of the project will be a short video that will eventually evolve in a 3D gaming environment.

Initially, please send expressions of interest and a photograph to  

A casting call will then take place from 11am to 4pm, from the 10 to the 13 of February at FACT.

Days of shooting:

  • Wednesday 15 Feb 9am-12pm (rehearsal)
  • Monday 20 Feb 9-6pm (shooting)
  • one live reading (to be confirmed)

During the shoot, the actor will be asked to perform several conflicting emotional states. The facial expressions will be motion-tracked to later animate different digital characters. 

There will be an inclusive fee of £250 for the project.

Participants must be over 18 years of age. 

For more info: