If you're not a fan of musicals, I can safely say...this one will change your mind, completely.

La La Land is the newest beautiful creation by Damien Chazelle (director of Whiplash) and stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Stone plays a struggling actress trying to achieve her big break and escape from her shared apartment and coffee shop job, while Gosling portrays a talented jazz pianist, trying to reach his dream of opening his own jazz bar in which people can enjoy the dying breed of jazz.

As the two continue to run into each other in their equally busy schedules of auditions, shows and the hard, everyday life of work, they realise they might just be made for each other.

We see them influence each other's characters - both in full support of the other's aspirations, and falling even more in love with every beautifully choreographed dance number, and each deep, meaningful melody.

The beautiful backdrop of modern day Los Angeles along with the truly charming cinematography of Linus Sandgren contrasts with the harsh reality of show business which engulfs with disappointments and soul crushing let-downs. With a terrific screenplay from Chazelle and a magnificent score from Justin Hurwitz - each second of La La Land solidifies speculations of it becoming a classic for years to come. La La Land is a beautiful movie, containing themes of sadness, achievement and love.

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