In May 2016, I returned to Merseyside after my final year of university – a ludicrously optimistic film graduate, adamant that I would waltz into a major production company, flash my degree and snag a full-time position. Upon realising that these were the objectives of an insane person, I fell into the notorious post-grad slump, and it was during this slump that I stumbled into FACT. I was enamoured with the building’s atmosphere, laid-back enough to boast a safe creative space but also very stylishly aware in terms of the events, exhibitions and workshops it hosted.

After deciding to volunteer, a portion of my week was unexpectedly (but refreshingly) dedicated to engaging with a variety of people from a brilliant array of backgrounds. I found myself quickly being educated; not only on the importance of art/technology and how it reverberates with the public, but also of Liverpool itself and the integral part both creativity and expressiveness plays in the city’s overall ethos. In this, my productivity in filmmaking was resuscitated and I have since been on a multitude of projects (often working with other volunteers) as well as joined a BFI/Creative England backed film programme (hosted by FACT, of course.)

In retrospect, it was the decision to volunteer that gave me the boost I needed to haul myself from that graduate-shaped rut. And with Liverpool’s film scene (local, independent and big-budget) rapidly expanding, I see FACT as a hub for all things arty and film-y. Or, in a more personal sense, a place where individuals who are slightly disorientated by the vast world of creative media can find a network of like-minded people and make a start.

Find out how to become a FACT volunteer here.