When did you start being interested in technology?
I was always interested in digital, but technology is a fairly new passion! Whilst I was working within digital at an app agency I was surrounded by hard working, creative, ‘technical’ people that really motivated me. The problem was that there were no other women within the space. That’s when Liverpool Girl Geeks was born; I wanted to create content and inspire women like me to have careers within technology, whether that was in fashion, business, education or healthcare - tech is everywhere so it doesn’t matter!

How did Liverpool Girl Geeks take form?
Early in my career in 2013, I met Rebecca Jones who was one of my clients. We discussed the lack of females within the industry and came up with the idea to start a blog to inspire women. As well as the blog, we formed a Twitter account and started building a community, which is when we started to engage with more people and grow. The first sessions were inspired by our community telling us what tech skills they wanted to learn. We put on a wearable tech event for teens, and an inspiration day for women where we introduced female tech role models. Our sessions are similar now, however we have introduced activities like our bootcamps, and academies for teenagers that can now be delivered continuously throughout the year. The girls love it as they get to play with technologies that they’ve never had the opportunity to access before, and it’s been a game changer for us!

What have you guys been up at Girl Geek Academy, and what do you hope the girls will take with them from the workshops?
Girl Geek Academy is less about becoming an expert, and more about gaining confidence to explore. During the eight weeks at FACT, the girls have delved into the world of code, have started to build their own websites through Wordpress, and have been given access to role models working within the industry. At the end of the programme, one of them will walk away with a one on one session with Mike Little, Co-founder of Wordpress - how amazing is that? As we work on future projects we hope the girls will continuously work with us, attend our events, ask us questions, and go on work placements. We are here to support them until they have thriving careers within the industry!

As Liverpool Girl Geeks celebrate and showcase female role models within the sector, who are your favourite tech heroines, and why?
Team LGG are constantly talking about role models, we have so many! Globally we love the work of Sophia Amouruso - the ultimate girl boss -and Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer, Martha Lane Fox and historically Ada Lovelace, Anita Borg and Hedi Lamarr. We also showcase role model companies like FACT, Mando, and Amaze, who all have diversity at their hearts.

What’s next for Liverpool Girl Geeks?
We’re working on lots of super cool stuff at the moment. We’re developing a regular workshop for teens so that we can give them even more support. We’re launching a company membership so we can partner with people that take this seriously, and are continuing to host our monthly meetups and are looking to partner with more organisations to design and develop more project to inspire the future generations! Watch this space!

On Tuesday 15 November, we are celebrating the successes of sixteen girls aged 11 to 16 as they complete eight weeks at the Liverpool Girl Geek Academy at FACT. To join in on the celebrations, please book your place here