Three studio albums, all of which are heralded by music critics throughout history and the world for being raw, violent, sexual and unique: The Stooges, Funhouse and Raw Power. The Stooges were also notorious for their stage antics – Iggy Pop throwing peanut butter at an audience in 1970 being just one infamous incident. He has mentioned in recent press conferences that he’s glad they had a comedic name just so he could get away with the ridiculous actions on stage.

Iggy Pop of course went on to a less messy and more popular solo-career (we all know Lust For Life, right?) but this film, called Gimme Danger, will bring to light the humble Michigan beginnings for his career, as well as illustrating the talent of the other Stooges that you might say lived in his shadow. Throughout the film, there are interviews from all members about their experience in their time in The Stooges, a time during the end of the hippy movement and the peak of the Vietnam War. It was a time of anger and disillusionment, and it’s something you can hear clearly in the three albums they released. Jarmusch (director of Only Lovers Left Alive and Mystery Train) has said in recent interviews that this is “love letter to The Stooges”. You could say that this might hide the full story, but I think otherwise. I think it will cover the highs and lows of a group of Michigan boy-punks who hit a nerve in everyone, whether it was in terror or out of excitement. 

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