Networking, the process of creating connections with releavant people or organisations, is always useful since you never know when you might need the input and advice from new contacts. Opportunities to meet other professionals provides one of the best platforms for marketing yourself to people, and can enable you to be part of a network of people with a wide variety of skills. 

2. Networking is like writing you a recommendation letter

Through networking, people are able to interact with you and fully understand your personality. Therefore, when the time comes, and you need their help to go forward, you wouldn’t even have to go to the boss for a recommendation letter. This is because, through interaction, there is a high chance that you must be doing something right. As a result, if a random person is called by your potential new employer and asked about your performance, you are most likely to get a good recommendation.

4. It is important especially during career change

Gone are the days when people used to graduate from school, land themselves one job and stick to it until retirement. These days, people tend to be more adventurous and outgoing. Therefore, it is normal to move from one career to a totally different one. Networking is important since once you change your career, you will be able to connect with people who have been there for many years and have the right experience that you are looking for.

5.  Networking comes with its discounts

Another advantage is the free access to some of the big names in the film industry, and as a result, you will be mentored and nurtured until you get where you want to be.