On 5 November, FACT is screening The Invisible Man, a film adaptation of cult sci-fi author H.G. Wells' novel with the same name. Claude Rain's defining role as a menacing doctor who discovers a drug of invisibility, combines the real terror of science with psychological decline - themes that are scarier than any gore-fest of today.

On 12 November will be the showing of The Bride of Frankenstein; the sequel to Karloff’s Frankenstein, iconic with the wide-eyed, bouffant Elsa Lanchester as the Bride. A feat for actresses in Hollywood, this bride is no placid creature, and has been discussed throughout the film world as a feat for women’s liberation in film, breaking the mould of the early 20th century and what role women could play in films. The film also shows us that villains can find love too, and spawned the evil couple trope in horror cinema.

Season finale will be The Creature From the Black Lagoon at the end of the month. A true feat for the Universal special effects team with the technicality of prosthetics, a half-man, half-fish creature terrorises the Amazon, and kidnaps a beautiful young scientist. The film’s theme is similar to that of King Kong, but with an extra layer of scientific horror and the possibilities of what lurks beneath the sea.

Even though in this modern age, these films are more laughable than scary, they have certainly changed the world of horror films entirely - I’m sure there would be no Hammer Horror without these pieces of cinema. This November is the final month of this horror season, and it’s a month of terrors that you can’t miss!

Get your ticket now to The Invisible Man on 5 November, The Bride of Frankenstein om 12 November, and The Creature From the Black Lagoon on 25 November!