I am an artist and I have also been a big fan of ghost stories in literature, film and television since childhood. I am also interested in how ghost stories become part of local myth and folklore.

Liverpool has so many of these locally famous and infamous ghost stories, more so than many other cities on this haunted isle. So, I am particularly excited to have been commissioned to make a new art work exploring my own and one of Liverpool’s favourite subjects – ghosts!

It will feature a ghost inducing robot, a ghost research area and two specially created ‘ghost tunnels’ linking FACT and Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre.

As artist in residence at Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre, I will be collecting and archiving local Liverpool ghost stories on a new website. If you have a Liverpool ghost story or experience of your own, I would love to hear from you. The ghost stories can be first or second-hand. They can be something that happened to you or a ghost encounter you heard about from someone else in Liverpool. Maybe it’s just a story everyone seems to be aware of, but don’t know the origins. The one rule is that the ghost stories/encounters happened in Liverpool. You can include your name in the story or remain anonymous, as you wish.

Please submit your stories on www.theghostportal.co.uk 

The GHost Formula is commissioned by FACT (Foundation For Art and Creative Technology).

The GHost Tunnel is supported by Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre with National Lottery funding through Arts Council England.