The film’s Director, Mat Whitecross, truly captures the hype of the mid 1990s, inviting adoring fans who were born too late to be a part of it, to experience that time as if it was happening right now. With fantastic editing by Paul Monaghan and incredible visual effects by Marc Knapton, Supersonic allows the audience to be pulled along for the ride, watching Oasis travel across the world, and on to people's radios.

Voiceovers by the likes of mother, Peggie Gallagher, Bonehead (rhythm guitar for Oasis), Guigsy (bassist for Oasis), Alan McGee (Co-founder and Manager of Creation Records), and Noel and Liam Gallagher themselves - who are also Executive Producers for the film - creates a personal and genuine feel to the terrific storytelling created throughout this documentary. It lets the audience know exactly what all those involved were thinking and feeling, from childhood memories, to the 1996 Knebworth concert, which is know as one of the biggest concerts of all time; selling out two nights of 125,000 people.

From the notorious bad boy behaviour, told comedically by Liam (of course), and the more tender moments of doubt, told mostly by Noel, the film certainly does not shy away from either extreme, yet balances them equally, telling insane and hilarious stories any Oasis fan would love to engage in. Along with a number of Oasis tracks, plenty of witty stories told through the eyes of those involved, never-seen-before footage, pictures of the band, and an exciting mood, Supersonic gives willing audience members one hell of a ride.

Told in such wild yet honest sense, Supersonic is a pleasure for any Oasis fan, that truly shows how their music really could, live forever.

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