Don't be fooled by the pixar-like appearance of this brand new animation; Sausage Party tells the story of an anthropomorphised hot dog who lives in a supermarket and discovers the horrific fate of his and his food-friends' lives. The R-rated Sausage Party trailer is packed with swearing, sexual references and other "adult' humour (parents and the lighthearted, you have been warned)!

Sausage Party has a very simple premise which Seth Rogen explained on Jimmy Fallon: “We love animated movies and we thought one day, like, what if our food had feelings? And then we thought, it’d be super messed up ’cause we eat our food and it would be a horrible existence for them.”

Here, the creators of Sausage Party have adopted the same world that pixar have toyed with for years,projecting emotions onto inanimate objects and making them look adorable. Yet, this hilariously horrific tale sees the characters learn that the humans who visit the supermarket where they live are not the benevolent gods they once believed in. Instead, the food characters discover that they are doomed to be eaten alive by the humans, and so it is up to Frank (voiced by Seth Rogen) and his friends to warn the rest of their edible peers of their impending doom.

The all-star cast of Sausage Party includes Seth Rogen, James Franco, Michael Cera, Jonah Hill and Kristen Wiig, set to provide laughs from start to finish. Having received mostly positive reviews in the USA already, the UK and we here at FACT are ready to experience this hilariously original story about the secret lives of groceries!

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