Scalarama is a film festival promoting independent cinemas world-wide, from Glasgow to Madrid, the aim being to ‘Fill the Land with Cinema’. Traditional venues like FACT are proud to be part of the festival, but anyone can put on an event, and turn any venue from a community hall to your own living room into a pop-up cinema!

Since 2011, Scalarama has had over 500 exhibitors, ranging from pubs to large scale outdoor screenings. Anywhere (and anyone) can get involved; just organise an event during September and add it to the listings on the Scalarama website to invite people along.

And you don't have to be an events organiser to get involved - you can also contact your local Scalarama group to join a meet-up, or form your own group where you live!

In Liverpool, Scalarama will play host to a variety of cinematic events, partnering with all sorts of organisations from Liverpool Pride to Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia.

FACT are hosting plenty of these events, beginning with Jodorowsky’s masterpiece The Holy Mountain on 31 August, and officially launching Scalarama on 1 September with a landmark screening of Paris is Burning, celebrating 25 years of the cult documentary, with an afterparty in the Kazimier Garden.

Scalarama supports any and all cinemas (no matter their size), and will be helping to promote smaller business within the city, such as The Black Lodge Brewery on Kitchen Street, where a Charlie Chaplin/Buster Keaton double feature will be unfolding on 8 September.

More events are yet to be announced, so keep your eyes on social media and the Scalarama website over the next few weeks to find a unique screening near you!

For more info on hosting your own Scalarama event and joining the Scalarama Liverpool community, visit the website. You can now read the Scalarama 2016 newspaper online.