First up, this Sunday we’re delighted to be hosting a very special guest who will be taking your questions following a screening of The Killings of Tony Blair. George Galloway will be joining us from 6.30pm on Sunday 7 August, to present the Kickstarted documentary which explores what really happened when “Bliar” followed George Bush into Iraq, whether our former PM is a war criminal, and the aftermath of one of the most controversial military campaigns in recent history. Sunday’s event is completely sold out, but due to popular demand we’ve got another screening coming up on Monday 15 August (minus Q&A).

Moving from military campaigns to the election trail, on Tuesday 9 August we’re hosting a one-off screening of the Sundance-winning documentary Weiner, which follows Mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner as he runs for office in New York City. Scandal surrounded his bid for the leadership when the politician accidentally tweeted an image too personal to describe on here... The documentary charts the rise and fall of Weiner’s bid for office, highlighting how social media and digital news outlets have transformed the political landscape, and how the personal and private lives of our public figures have been permanently transformed. With Jeremy Corbyn on Snapchat and Obama famously using social media to claim victory back in 2008, it seems like just a matter of time until we’ll be following politicians on Instagram in the same way we do models and celebs.

Lastly, on general release from Friday 5 August is Bobby Sands: 66 Days. In 1981, Sands famously led one of the most widely-documented hunger strikes of all time at HM Prison Maze. Protesting the removal of the Special Category Status reserved for those serving time related to the Troubles in Northern Ireland, Sands was one of ten strikers who refused food and ultimately died for their cause. Last seen on the big screen in Steve McQueen’s stunning Hunger, the story is presented in this documentary through first-hand testimony, previously unseen archive footage and painstaking reconstructions to form a vibrant portrayal of what happened and how Sands and his allies would be remembered.

Book tickets for Weiner, which will be followed by a discussion in the bar with one of our Discover Tuesdays Hosts. Bobby Sands: 66 Days is on general release now.