Who are Liverpool Girl Geeks?

Liverpool Girl Geeks are on a mission to decrease the gender imbalance within the tech industry, and we're doing this by hosting events and workshops to inspire females of all ages, and also to celebrate and showcase role models within the sector.

As well as hosting coding workshops for adults, we are now holding bootcamps, academies and a monthly tech for teens club launching in the new academic year.

So what is Girl Geek Academy at FACT?

The Girl Geek Academy is an eight week project-based programme for girls between the ages of 11-16 to immerse themselves in the technology sector. The focus of the programme will be to build a website using code, but we'll also be looking at hot topics such as female role models and building confidence - something that we’ve recognised are incredibly important to acknowledge. 

We're glad to be working with FACT to present this pilot version of the project, with the hope that it will become a continuous course. Due to the workshops being hosted at FACT, we are also able to offer students extra insight into the tech sector by giving them the opportunity to use 3D printers and robotics!

Why is it so important to get girls interested in coding and other tech activities?

The tech industry is the fastest growing industry around, with over 100,000 jobs currently unfilled in the UK. Models of behaviour are set quite young so if we get girls into tech and coding early, it becomes a life-long habit. Due to gender norms and what is traditionally expected of them, girls often don't think about careers in tech, and this is something we are working to change. 

How do people get involved?

If you're between the ages of 11-16, and want to get involved it's really simple - you can just sign up right here! We're looking for applications from interested students, and we'll then select participants.

What experience do you need to apply?

None whatsoever! Just turn up with a bunch of drive and passion, and we'll supply the rest!

What will these aspiring "girl geeks" get out of it?

A group of new friends that are interested in the same things as them, the knowledge that will give them access to this thriving industry and the confidence to pursue the career they've a;ways wanted.

Sounds great! And for girls of other ages, is there anything else for happening in the city this year?

We are launching our tech 4 teens club in September which is a monthly interactive meet up. We also have stem-based craft clubs for little ones and our Get Your Head Around Code sessions for you adults! If you just want to hang out and chat with like-minded people, we have a monthly meet up for that too! See more on our events page.

If you're aged 11 - 16 and interested in getting involved, click here to apply now.