I started writing this blog having been here at FACT in Liverpool for just a week. I was lucky to have the chance to join in many activities and learned so much that I didn’t even notice the first five days sneak away.

From workshops to film screenings, it’s been a great time to see how artists and practitioners create amazing things out of simple materials, and see smiles on the happy young faces of our participants.

On my first day, I had the chance to attend a screening of a documentary film discussing gender issues and telling personal stories of a group of young people. I was so impressed how everybody involved bravely embraced their identities and expressed their true selves.

The second day’s workshops engaged teenagers with disabilities in many interesting hands-on activities like making their own mini drawing robots and using Minecraft to build a solar system. The participants really enjoyed the day and I was wowed by their infinite creativity.

Five weeks on, I sit down to reflect on my time in Liverpool. Art can be seen everywhere in the city but not only in big institutions; it’s like a chemical reaction. One of the most impressive events during my internship happened in the Exhibition Centre on the Albert Dock; the Big Bang Festival. Thousands of students came along to participate in all kinds of activities exploring the intersection betwee science and art. Almost all of the students there seemed fascinated by FACT"s Minecraft project!

It has been such a valuable opportunity to experience working with the Young People & Learning Team at FACT, and to be a part of the organisation behind these amazing projects. The energetic and friendly working environment demonstrates the team's enthusiasm for art and technology, as well as their concern for engaging local communities.

As a Masters student in the highly mobile Erasmus Mundus program, I have lived a somewhat nomadic life for the past year. It was a long journey to travel from China to Europe and keep moving from country to country (including Austria, Germany, Denmark, and now the UK).

It’s always exciting to meet new people, and my month FACT has been one fo the most significant and interesting yet!

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