1. The Galleries

Beside glimpsing the odd wild Pikachu or the teasing silhouette of a Wartortle, we present work in Gallery 1 by artist Krzysztof Wodiczko, who uses art to empower marginalised communities through collaborative practice and new technologies. Meanwhile Gallery 2 features a brand new film, Pharmakon, from Lucy Beech, which looks at how disease without official diagnosis operates in an era of mass communication and the internet.  

For the duration of Liverpool Biennial 2016 our galleries are open Monday - Sunday, 11am - 6pm and entrance is FREE!

2. Film Programme: Another Version of Events

Every Thursday throughout the Biennial, we’re taking over The Box to show off our new season of artist film. Inspired by sci-fi, mockumentary, pseudo-documentary, mockbuster and ethnofiction, these weekly screenings take a look at alternative realities and history, and many have been chosen by artists exhibiting at Liverpool Biennial 2016. 

If you fancy mixing up the usual offering of Suicide Squad or Jason Bourne, why not opt for a screening of Paris is Burning or The Man Who Saved the World?

See the full programme

3. Do Something! Saturday: Pokémon Go Biennial Trails

Fancy yourself as a Pokémon Trainer? Then we want you to help us capture the Pokémon hiding out at various Liverpool Biennial locations. Led by a FACT guide, the goal is for us to set up a lure at the nearest Pokéstop, and then hand over the responsibility to you, as you catch, log and record the creatures you find!

Book a slot on a workshop.

4. Get Online with Minecraft Infinity Project

I remember reading an article a few years ago that stated Minecraft had reached 100 million users. While we don't have the facilities to cater for all 100 million+ people all at once, we do have some exciting Minecraft opportunities for you to get involved in, without even leaving your house! We invite you to log into the game and co-create the largest virtual sculpture ever made on the platform with us. The aim is to recreate Liverpool Biennial 2016 on a special map we've created, just for the festival. 

Access the map from home.

Liverpool Biennial 2016 is on at FACT and venues across the city until 16 October. Watch the trailer and see the full events programme