Looking at this remake as an entirely separate film from the original, it has a humorous storyline, and the cast is great. The plot behind the new Ghostbusters is largely generated by a government plot to conceal the truth from the disbelieving public about the existemce of ghosts, and Feig peppers this would-be thriller plot with comedy, playing with the idea of how paranormal entities could affect our everyday lives. 

Paranormal sightings and interactions are highly incongruous and highlight the folly in what makes us human; from the wider audience I could tell that children find the unknown hilariously comedic if it contains slime and is green. There is a repetitive schadenfreude sequence of green slime appearing and coating main character Erin Gilbert, played by Kristen Wiig, which all the family can find humour in, and the repeated failures of the many tools the characters use to try and hold off the ghosts is a form of comedy we can all relate to (even if we don't own a proton blaster).

There is a sense of self-discovery hidden within the plot, as Erin and Patty's everyday lives become completely dedicated to catching ghosts - a far cry from the roles they expected for themselves. Patty, played by Leslie Jones, is the source of much of the film's humour, as her loud, brassy character speaks her mind, yet, she is the furthest away from a scientist than any of the other female characters. This was picked up by press ahead of the film's release as a potential issue, but it could be argued that her status as a "low" character isn't such a bad thing, as Aristotle claimed low characters are those which create the most mirth, and here it makes her the character we empathise with most.

The drastic change to female lead roles in the film caused a huge misogynistic rebound from many fans, arguing the good content in the film all stems from male character Kevin, played by Chris Hemsworth, the air-headed secretary. Chris Hemsworth does show some incredible comic acting skills in this film in contrast to his usual serious roles, however the rest of the cast do an equally great job. The original obection to the all-femal cast was not true cinematic critique, but rather the general public's biased insecurities. The role reversal here not only empowers women by challenging stereotypical gender roles, but allows us to laugh at the differences between men and women in a positive and celebratory light. 

Ghostbusters is a light-hearted family film that's totally worth a watch. Despite negative reviews from critics, it is a positive film that is well directed, acted and written, and holds something that everyone will enjoy, even if it takes a ghost we already know and love to do that.

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