The BFI NET.WORK helps new Writers, Directors and Producers on the way to their first feature. The NET.WORK is a partnership that involves Creative England, Ffilm Cymru Wales, Northern Ireland Screen, Scottish Film Talent Network and Film London - with backing from the BFI. Every year they invest £3 million of National Lottery funding in new and emerging filmmakers for short film production, feature development and training opportunities, but their website is also a great resource for connecting talent with industry execs. 

The website hosts a range of exciting content including podcasts with industry professionals such as agents and commissioners, first feature articles with filmmakers and industry insights from NET.WORK execs. You can also check out the standard of the short films that have been funded by the NET.WORK alongside filmed interviews with the filmmakers which highlight what it means to go through a funding scheme.

They also provide the opportunity for filmmakers to engage more directly with execs via The Postroom, which is a platform where anyone can share their work. Filmmakers can submit their work and it is guaranteed to be watched or read, this allows execs who are excited about your work to get in touch with you directly. The most outstanding short film submission of the month is highlighted via their Postroom Pick and showcased on the homepage of the site. This is a brilliant platform for emerging filmmakers to gain recognition not only from execs but among their peers too. So it is a brilliant idea for filmmakers looking to engage with funders to upload their work to the Postroom as an initial point of contact.

Finally, The Postroom is resource that should be utilised by all emerging Writers, Directors and Producers who feel they have a compelling script or short film that has not been discovered yet. Previous Postroom Picks have gone on to attend learning and networking events that are run by the NET.WORK, and are now in talks with various NET.WORK execs over potential new projects.

To watch their Postroom Picks or for more information on how the BFI NET.WORK can help you on your filmmaking path head over to their website.

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