Have you ever wanted to go to space? Unless you’ve got at least 1,000 hours of piloting an aircraft, and a degree in mathematics or science, then chances are NASA isn’t an option. Yet if you also don’t have £180,000 lying around in your bank account, then you might have to give Virgin Galactic a miss too. So how then?

It’s just as well that we have a free alternative for you with our current exhibition unfold, currently in its final few weeks. Featuring real scientific data, Ryoichi Kurokawa’s installation let’s you remain safe on the ground as you experience a moment that even astronauts don’t often get to see - the birth of stars themselves. Presented as a re-imagining of that incredible data, Kurokawa bestows on you an 8-minute experience of synaesthesia; a condition that causes two or more senses to entwine. 

What’s most fascinating about this exhibition in particular is how it creates an important dialogue between art and science. To me, this necessary connection alone is worth a trip, and it’s exciting to be offering a piece of artwork that inspires an unprecedented admiration towards the wonders of the universe. There’s no doubt that it’s easy to be dissuaded by the expensive exploits of space exploration, but Kurokawa’s multi-disciplinary artwork is a fantastic opportunity to come along, marvel, and ‘feel the universe’.  

What Ryoichi Kurokawa offers is an exciting and curious gateway into the universe that we inhabit, and it’s perfect for anyone who secretly pretends they are an astronaut when no-one’s looking. You don’t have to take our word for it either, why not listen to what some of our other visitors have said about the work and make sure you don’t miss out on this lucky chance to pop into space.

Ryoichi Kurokawa’s unfold is on display at FACT in galleries 1, 2 and The Wall opposite the bar until 15 June, and admission is free.