Rhymes & Records, a monthly spoken word night held at Jacaranda Records, collaborated with FACT to produce responses to Ryoichi Kurokawa’s unfold exhibition.

The event took place in April, with the night being themed around space and the universe. Nine local spoken word artists were invited to experience unfold on a guided tour, and then took to the mic to deliver performances that captured the audience’s imagination and left them considering not only how they viewed the universe, but how they viewed themselves, much like Kurokawa’s audio-visual piece.

Lyndsay Price, creator and host of Rhymes & Records, performed her own response where she bombarded the audience with language to emulate the exhilaration of being overwhelmed with stimuli, which resonated strongly with the original artwork. She was followed by a series of poets including Ian Wignel, Matty Delaney, Ann Briggs, Amina Attiq, George Melling, Paul Pyke, Tom George, Sophianna Paraskevopoulou, Sharron Lowe, Sophie Dodd, and the night ended with Joy France, a local and loved poet, as the headliner.

The atmosphere at Rhymes & Records was impressive; the crowd was always ready to cheer, and those who performed filled the room with energy. Rhymes & Records invites everyone and anyone to have a go at performing, and first-time performers are more than welcome and always greeted with enthusiasm.

Each event works around a key theme, and next edition on 14 June will look at: LIVERPOOL. So, if you’re interested in the local community, or spoken word – or both! – then take a look and get involved.

Rhymes & Records is produced by Saltwater Poetry. FACT Members can also enjoy disocunts on vinyl, food and drink at Jacaranda Records!