This exhibition (Designing Digital Now, exhibited at FACT 17 - 25 June), gave us an insight into new, and not-so-new digital design.

Two or possibly three particular items caught my eye, the first of which were the typewriters. I used something like them over 40 years ago, but I wasn't very good mind, so no change there!

Secondly I noticed the Digital travelling suitcases which were first used and designed for people at a housing estate in London. The suitcase consisted of a hand phone connected to a recording device with two or three cubed blocks, which, when inserted, would hold and store information for the tenant or staff of the social housing building and for people in the local area.

The final item that caught my eye was a project called Digital Recordings, accessible using your mobile phone. After selecting the musicyou want to listen to on your phone, you pick up a disc, only as big as the tip on the end of a snooker cue, slide it slowly on the back of the phone and this disc will hold and download whatever you are playing - fascinating! A totally new way of looking at a mix tape!

There was also a wristband that can hold about seven of these discs, allowing you to carry them with you or over to Mr Hartley.

What Alan wanted to know was what would happen next with these prototypes; would they ever become real items or would the technology already be out of date by the time the product comes out?

Our group are exploring what they can make with 3D printing at the moment and this is our biggest question whilst exploring topic, what to make, who for and why?

If you are Over 60 and want to find out more about the Digital Ambassadors group and how to get involved please contact our Communities Curator Producer, Liz Wewiora on or call 0151 707 4416.