On 3 May, Martin Guitars and official UK Martin Guitar dealer Professional Music Technology (PMT), hosted the world premiere of the Martin Guitar documentary, Ballad of the Martin Dreadnought: A Musical Icon Turns 100.

The short documentary follows Martin Guitars’ famous dreadnought from its humble origins in 1916 to its world-renowned status now. Narrated by Jeff Daniels, Ballad of the Martin Dreadnought is studded with famous musicians and figureheads, including Martin’s Chairman and CEO Chris Martin IV, Jason Isbell, Seth Avett, Del McCoury and Sturgill Simpson, David Crosby, Stephan Stills and Rosanne Cash.

The screening at FACT took place two days before the official release of the documentary, to give PMT and Martin’s loyal customers an exclusive preview of the greatly-anticipated documentary.

Martin Guitars’ CEO Chris Martin IV introduced the documentary live from the United States before the screening. Chris Martin IV said: “In anticipation of the 100 anniversary of the Martin Guitar, I became quite curious about the origins of the name of the guitar and decided to do some research. Up until that point, all I knew [about the Martin Dreadnought] was a brief conversation I had with my grandfather many, many years ago. And I said, “Pop, where did the name Dreadnought come from?” And he said, “Oh, my father was an amateur historian, and he named it after a very large British battleship.”

A live Q&A was hosted via Skype after the screening where the audience were able to quiz Martin Guitars’ CEO Chris Martin IV, Martin Historian Dick Boak and Amani Duncan, Martin's Vice-President and documentary producer. You can read the full Q&A session from the evening on Professional Music Technology’s website.

Ballad of the Martin Dreadnought: A Musical Icon Turns 100 is available to watch on the Martin Guitar website now. Interested in hosting your event at FACT?