The aim of the game is to follow the mission of the OLF and examine our relationships with the objects around us. Following instructions sent to your phone, if you choose to support the OLF, you will go on a journey through the city, interacting with objects you come across along the way. Once you have finished the game, those successful will receive their official OLF documentation. The most interesting thing about this game is the choices you make. You can choose to break or respect the obje-

Broadcast open.

This is a message from the OLF



If you are reading this, then we need your assistance.

We are the Object Liberation Front (OLF). We are a collective of artists, technologists and researchers, who have been CONDEMNED by the government because of our ideas. We want to LIBERATE objects, REEVALUATE our relationship with objects, and ABANDON the senseless abuse of objects.

We need aid in spreading our message and with the help of our friends in the city of Liverpool, we have created a MISSION for those willing to support our cause.

From 11 June, our base will be established at the International Festival of Business. We have successfully disguised our base as a beach hut. Within the festival, it is a perfect ruse to avoid detection from our enemies. The frequency on which you will receive our messages is hidden and confidential.

Your true allegiance to our movement will be known to us and whomever you choose to tell. The tasks we give you are CRUCIAL and will aid our movement’s work. Our undercover agents in Google are risking their lives RIGHT NOW to procure the technology to begin this vital process. Be alert for messages on social media #OLF to begin your mission.

Across the city, you will have to find clues about our organisation and our mission to liberate objects and discover more about who we are and what our agenda is.

For those who are successful in their mission, you will reach our second hub at FACT. Those who are loyal and true to our cause will receive a message directly from us. You will have proven yourself worthy of our cause and be a valued asset and ally.

Our agenda is clear. The Earth is a hub of MISERY and needless POVERTY due to the reckless exploitation of objects. The world is on the brink of change and we need to see that society re-evaluate its relationship with objects. There needs to be education of society, we need to end the abandonment of objects. We accept that objects have a will and we must protect and save our world as we know it.

You are our only hope in achieving our mission as we have been forced to flee underground. We need you to spread our message and we need to liberate ourselves from the shackles of society and the tyrannical world in which we live.

Remember, you have from 11 June - 3 July to help us in our mission. Help us and you will learn about our mission to recreate the balance in our relationships with objects. Help us break down the UNFAIR society that we inhabit.

We are the Object Liberation Front and we wish you luck on your mission, friend.



End of Broadcast

Alongside the city game, FACT will host a series of presentations and discussions on 28 June at IFB2016 with key thinkers and designers from FACT and other creative industries in Liverpool. The event is free but requires registering.

Be sure to head down and check out Metal’s Beach Hut Trail, from 11 June - 3 July, and start your mission with the OLF.