A few weeks ago, a group of children from Holy Cross Primary School visited our current exhibition, and made a video about their experience, talking about what they learned.

Did they enjoy the exhibition? Let's ask them (scroll down for video).

FACT's education programme introduces children to how art, science and technology can be brought together. Ryoichi Kurokawa's unfold is a great way to show how an artist can take inspiration from science (in this case astronomy and physics) to create their work.

We welcome visiting school groups of all ages and abilities, and are pleased to offer guided tours of our galleries as well as workshops themed around each exhibition. For unfold, we have created a workshop that utilises a modified version of minecraft to create a scale model of all the planets in the Solar System, so pupils can explore the range of sizes from the smaller planets to the larger ones, and the sun itself.

Want to bring your school group to FACT? Contact education@fact.co.uk, call 0151 707 4444 or download our educator's guide to the exhibition. All activities and tours are free of charge.