"Invisible wind, eternal conversion, these are terms that belong in the world of science, but inside the Omphalos, science is no more than the white cane of a blind man."

OMPHALOS is a new immersive, theatrical experience from the Kazimier Team - the incredible creatives that put together the truly out of this world New Year's Party, the final hoorah at the old Wolstenholme Square venue. Now they're back, in a new home called The Invisible Wind Factory, which you'll find on Carlton Street, down by the docks inside a sprawling warehouse...

At a secret facility, deep within the Liverpool docklands, IWF have been searching for a previously unknown form of energy. The time has come to share this journey and its startling results with humanity. You are invited to witness and perform IWF's experiments, visit the enigmatic OMPHALOS and witness an experience like no other, the last great experiment - the manifestation of ‘ETERNAL ENERGY'.

IWF are offering FACT Members 20% off the price of their ticket, and you can choose to attend the show only, or add the modular multi-course meal package to your basket, to experience the full Omphalos journey.

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