Video Jam is a unique event series which commissions musicians to compose and perform live, original accompaniment for short contemporary film. FACT is delighted to be collaborating with Video Jam for an event in Gallery 1 on Friday 20 May, where invited artists and composers will use the stunning multi-screen installation created for Ryoichi Kurokawa's unfold to showcase their work.

Curated by Video Jam and FACT in response to the immersive audio/visual work unfold, the event will feature a variety of short contemporary films, many inspired by the phenomenon of synaesthesia, a common theme in Kurokawa's work.

We're delighted to announce the following exciting partnerships which will "unfold" on the night:

  • Cross-disciplinary artists Isabel Benito Gutierrez and Ged Barry will be scoring Abstraction 41+50 by London-based experimental artist Morgan Beringer 
  • Musician and sound designer Ant Dickinson will provide the music for Simon Faithfull's 30km, for which the artist used a weather balloon to film this cyclical journey
  • Liverpool-based duo Ling and Kepla will provide a hypnotic, industrial soundtrack for Kara Blake's Timbre, a film which deconstructs public space into private experiences of sight and sound to explore the psychological phenomenon known as synaesthesia
  • Manchester-based free rock improv duo Yerba Mansa will provide the live accompaniment to Fragment by Sam Wiehl 
  • Melodic, emotive duo Shield Patterns (whose work has been remixed by alt-J and Dutch Uncles) will be scoring untitled by Alice Dunseath, an animation director who works with materials, liquids, chemicals, crystals and other elements 

This event is sure to be a stunning exploration into the possibilities of artist film and live sound mixing - not to be missed! 

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