We were delighted to invite a host of guest speakers from across the arts, community, charity and care sectors to bring their unique perspectives and knowledge to the conversation on the day. The discussion sought to share these cross-sector views on the current landscape of arts and disability, whilst also opening up the discussion for debate around topics including access, digital & innovation, locality vs internationalism, terminology and shifting policy. 

It was a fitting opportunity to hear more about two of FACT's own recent FACT Connects Space exhibitions; Simon Mckeown and his project partners from the 2015 Cork Ignite programme who spoke about Trace Elements, and an artist presentation from Daniel Brown (Scouse Roots: Art that makes itself) - both of which focused on the use of digital technologies as innovative and accessible tools for artistic production, whether as an individual practitioner or as part of a collaborative project. 

We heard from a range speakers from organisations such as Bluecoat, Claire House and Community Integrated Care on the importance of the individual within arts, community and disability. One of the main topics of conversation explored how personal care approaches and the personal budget create a sense of ownership for the individual to create their own creative pathways and outlets. 

We were moreover able to expand the conversation around the international landscape of Arts and Disability, with speakers from DadaFest, Cope Foundation, and Arts and Disability Ireland bringing their fantastic knowledge and insight to the debate and opening up to a two way dialogue between speakers and our guest audience. 

Each of the speakers and panel discussions can be watched on line as separate videos here:

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