From a face most recognised in Run Lola Run, Sebastion Schipper brings us Victoria, which has been positively received since its debut in Berlin last February. Despite being selected to be screened in Toronto, Victoria was dismissed by the Academy Awards as a nomination for Best Foreign language Feature, due to it's heavy use of English dialogue.

The film is about a young Spanish woman who moves to Germany's capital city, Berlin. Here she meets her love interest and begins to immerse herself within his group. The group end up on a night out in the city and things take a turn for the worse and she discovers the dangerous truth about those she has associated herself with.

What makes me very, very, excited to see Victoria is twofold. Firstly, the film is directed by a member of the cast of Run Lola Run, a film which I thought was truly magnificent in it's storytelling, use of live action and animation. Actors turned directors isn't anything new, but it's a trend which is certainly growing in popularity.

The second thing is that the film has been marketed as being shot in one continuous take. I find this style to be compelling because even with the use of an editor, the meticulous planning and one take execution (without it being one take) is a truly phenomenal art of storytelling.

All I can say is, I'll be there this weekend!

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