In 1982 it was witnessed by every man, woman and child that the ‘other’ had officially made contact. The world was overjoyed when E.T landed on the big screen, and Spielberg introduced us to a lovely little fella who just wanted to phone home.

Witnessing the magical moment when E.T levitates the children on their bicycles across the night sky is something every child should see, so if you fancy sharing this extra-terrestrial happening with your kids, you’re in a spot of luck, because this Saturday at 11am we're unleashing it again in all its glory on the big screen, to captivate their imaginations. Then, on Sunday at 11.30am we're doing an amazing autism-friendly screening so everyone has the opportunity to fall in love with our special alien friend.

After the film, get involved with Picturehouse's trail around the building, and help us to find ET and send him home! Want to get involved? Ask for the first clue at the Box Office when you pick up your cinema ticket and follow the trail through our galleries to find the alien and claim your chocolatey reward.

And if your kids are interested in space exploration, its going to be an extra special Saturday at FACT, as not only are we screening an absolute classic, but from 12pm - 4pm we have a pop up Star Lab in the foyer for kids to get stuck into.

Star Lab is an interactive, drop-in range of activities and games that give your children the chance to uniquely engage with our new exhibition, unfold,  which explores the birth of stars. Kids can come along, experiment with real scientific research, and even create their own star!

Join us this Saturday for a screening of ET the Extra Terrestrial at 11am and Star Lab 12pm - 4pm