Audiences were briefly intriduced to Deadpool in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but his brief screen time only managed to leave a bitter taste for fans. This time, director Tim Miller, with Ryan Reynolds as the eponymous hero deliver a character fully armed with his penchant for wisecracks and fourth wall breaks.

From the get-go it’s clear that this ain’t your grandma’s superhero movie.

Wasting no time in taking the piss out of itself and its cast in the opening credits, the film starts with a slick, super-slow montage of a somersaulting jeep in mid-air, thugs in various positions of discomfort, and a tasteful crotch close-up of our “Merc with a Mouth.”

Alternating between present and past storylines, the film recounts Wade Wilson (Reynolds)'s hilarious brand of vigilante justice while as a mercenary in New York. After becoming romantically attached to escort Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), Wilson discovers he is terminally ill with cancer, and agrees to undergo a “superhero transformation” as part of a secret program in order to cure himself.

Wilson’s quick mouth runs afoul of the facility’s mutant leader Francis Freeman aka Ajax (Ed Skrein), and while the experiments cure and turn him virtually immortal, they also leave him horribly disfigured. From this point the film’s plot becomes fairly straightforward, with Deadpool attempting to win back his girl and exact his revenge on Freeman.

Marvel Studios could hardly be said to be losing steam, with projects lined right up the wazoo. That said, its films have typically followed the same formula: larger than life stakes, alien invasions, and big things falling from the skies. Deadpool breaks this mould in spectacular fashion, by keeping the stakes much smaller while still managing to tie in to the larger Cinematic Universe.

Fast paced, self-aware, and hilariously profane, Deadpool delivers a welcome breath of fresh air. And as it’s also breaking box-office records, a sequel is already in the works and promises to be another hot chimichanga.

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