Short films are the exquisite miniatures of the film world – gem-like and brilliant. They are often the testing ground for new film-makers, but should never be seen as simply poor relations of feature length films – they have internal logic all of their own and can be unforgettable.

Liverpool’s own Terence Davies started his career with three startling short films, the Trilogy: Children, (1976) Madonna and Child (1980) and Death and Transfiguration (1983). The almost unbearable intensity of these short works would be hard to sustain in a feature, and their poetry is undeniable. Other great film-makers like Lynne Ramsay and Françoise Ozon have made short film their own and it’s great that all of these are available to see on DVD, supplementing our understanding of how their artistry might work.

For LGBT History Month, Liverpool Pride has teamed up the IRIS Prize Festival in Cardiff to present some of the best of their considerable short film archive. IRIS and Liverpool Pride are both part of Queer Film Network and we’re hoping this will be the first of many similar events with IRIS and other Network partners.

The IRIS Prize will celebrate its tenth anniversary this year and is a platform for showing the very best short LGBT films from around the world. Our selection includes prizewinning films from Norway and America, the Netherlands and Yorkshire! The mood ranges from sombre to joyous and each film celebrates an aspect of love in LGBT lives from a fresh perspective.

The evening will end with LoveSwiped, a cheeky look at the gay dating scene by Merseyside film-maker Carl Loughlin, who will be on hand to talk about the film and how to get a high quality short film made on the slimmest of budgets!

Liverpool Pride would like to thank Carl for letting us screen his film as a premiere and IRIS for their brilliant programme.

Click here to book tickets for Love Bites, Monday 29 February, 6.30pm