First of all, what a brilliant original idea this game is! The young people who created it (who are all of a similar age to me) deserve a lot of credit for all their hard work. This online text adventure game is set in 2065 after a nuclear attack in Britain leaves just three towns standing: Burnley, Wigan and Hull. It has been made by young people from these three towns with the help of artists Re-dock for their expert advice and support. The collaboration and partnership must have been a lot of fun for all involved!

The game must have been a huge project for the people who made it - I really like the way it brings together historical myths and legends from the towns and cities of England into an unteractive story, and how it integrates technology too, through the multiple choice online paths your character can choose.

It has clearly been a thoughtful process for all involved and both Re-dock and the young people have, I believe, created a game that will really stay in people’s minds after playing it - it made me really think about the situation the game put my mind in whilst playing. I think people who enjoy playing “chess” would really enjoy this game especially, as you have to think about your next move and plan ahead so as not to get caught out.

Playing the game, I found it to be very well created, educational, imaginative and fun (especially a few of the brain teasers along the way). The game does require a lot of imagination to play as you navigate imaginary worlds through words (I love using my imagination); it makes you think really hard about what you are doing and I definitely recommend it to people my own age and older.

The people involved in putting this game together have done an excellent job and have created an educational and fun interactive game. Want to have a go? I think you will enjoy it too if you do!

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