Spotlight is a very serious film based on true events that occurred in 2001 in Boston, America. The film, directed by Tom McCarthy, is just one of the eight films nominated for an award at this year's Oscars.

The Spotlight team are a small group of four investigative journalists (played by brilliant actors) who specialise in big stories at the Boston Globe. In the film, they are attempting to track down eighty priests who have allegedly sexually assaulted young children by getting in touch with the victims of the assaults. Not only that, they also need to figure out why none of this was mentioned before, and their boss at the Boston Globe, played by Liev Schreiber wants them to investigate a little deeper to find out what who else was involved, and whether the Catholic Church are covering up the alleged assaults.

The acting, directing and storyline are so good that this film has a well deserved nomination for Best Picture. The performances of Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams as part of the investigative team are excellent, and I really believed in their parts. Ruffalo and McAdams also each deserved their nominations for Best Supporting Actor / Actress.

With gasps from the audience along the way, this film certainly makes you think, and appreciate the things you have more. The directing is also very good, although this film is based very much on information rather than entertainment and visual distractions. McCarthy wants to provide the audience with the knowledge of the events that occurred, and this makes it a very strong film; some scenes were that horrific in their dialogue, you could almost feel the shocked silence from the audience.

The information included at the end of the film was greeted with huge gasps from the audience, and I thought this was a very important and educational film to watch.

I would recommend this film to people who have no idea about the storyline of the film - what they uncover is a massive problem all around the world and people need to know the dangers and know who they can trust. The subject of child cruelty and how to solve it is an important part of this film, and the silence of the victims shows how the abusers are able to get away with their evil acts. On top of this, the silence of the people who knew about the abuse and did nothing is breathtaking and in many ways just as evil.

In conclusion I would say this film is very worthy of its Oscar nomination. It also left me with a lot of information and questions, so I recommend you go and see it, and you may just hear the gasps at the end of the film too...

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